About us

GLAWBUS™ is a non-profitable association of lawyers and professionals from around the world, established under the laws of Brussels, Belgium.

The aims of the Association are to:
– encourage mutually beneficial exchanges between practitioners of law, tax law, accountancy and consultants at international level.
– contribute to quality enhancement of the services provided by its members.
– encourage cooperation between its members in all professional matters
– promote friendship, solidarity and mutual respect between its members
– represent the members internationally;

The vision of the Association is to promote the dynamic of connecting professionals on an international level, creating a strong source of contacts in the business world, as well as business opportunities, with the added benefits of fruitful long-term relationships.


Elected Committee 2021-2022:

President: Yiannos Georgiades (Cyprus)
Vice President: Ilenia Lombardi (Italy)
Secretary General: Stephanie Georgiaodou (Cyprus)
Treasurer: Glenn Haulussy (Netherlands)

Consultant: Anthony Bochon (Belgium)