Macedonia (North)

inter partes skopje

Inter Partes Law Firm was founded ion 2011 and some of their attorneys are followers from Dimitar and Violeta Dangovi Law Office, since 1990. Oparates in representation of individuals and legal persons in front of domestic and international courts and institutions, defends suspects and defendants, negotiates and conducts services in business protocol. Offers legal assistance in all areas of law, especially in Criminal Law and juvenile justice, Civil Law, Commercial Law, Labor Law, Intellectual Property Law, human rights and freedoms and International Investment Law.

Inter Partes Law Firm Skopje stands for peaceful settlement of disputes and alternative dispute resolution with mediation, negotiation and bargaining. In addition, their work refers to legal norms, principles and standards adopted by the Council of Europe and The United Nations, as well as precedent law developed by European and International courts, tribunals and chambers.

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